15 Oct 2018

Make Money With Twitter

Make Money With Twitter

Hello friends how are you? Welcome to my another blog. Today I am gonna talk about making money with twitter. We all know that make money by using Facebook, make money by using youtube but everyone doesn’t know that we can make a passive money with twitter. Yes, Twitter is a good platform for making a passive income. There is around 310 million active users on Twitter. So, a great opportunity has to wait for you on this platform.  There are a few ways that we can follow and apply on twitter but today I am gonna talk about sponsored tweets. Sponsored tweets is an add company they provide add-on public Twitter profiles and give them revenue for sponsors.

If your twitter account 28 days old and if you have a minimum of 100 followers then you can apply for sponsored tweets. But if you want to make a good profit from this platform you must have a lot of followers. Because price value depends on followers. So, if you have more followers you can bid more sponsors and you can gain more. Really this is a great platform than other platforms because this is a low competitor platform than facebook or youtube. So, you can join today and start making money with your twitter profile.

How to do that? Don’t worry, if you search it to through youtube you will get a lot of videos on this topic just follow them and start quickly. If you need any help you can use the youtube platform. youtube people always ready to support you with your life journey. So, practice using youtube and google. I think you will gather much knowledge from here. Thank for reading my blog.
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14 Oct 2018

Top 7 Trusted Affiliate Programs

Top 7 Trusted Affiliate Programs

Hello guys! How are you? Hope you all well read this blog. Today I am gonna talk about affiliate marketing. We all know that there are many ways to make money from home by using the internet. But affiliate marketing is the best one of them. So, I have another blog about how to do successful affiliate marketing. If you couldn’t read that, please first read that from here so, you can know more about affiliate marketing.

Amazon: The best and most successful platform is Amazon for the affiliate program. You can easily just make an affiliate account from here and start making money with Amazon affiliate program. You will get up to 10% commission per sell and 24 hours cookie count. That means any person click your affiliate link and he doesn’t buy any product current time but they return within 24 hours and purchase products from Amazon (no need to click again your affiliate link). Then you have the commission from Amazon. That’s a great affiliate system than another affiliate program.

CJ Affiliate Program: The biggest marketplace and affiliate program  CJ. They are a trusted and a biggest platforms from many years. Many companies do business with them with long terms and if you are a professional affiliate marketer you can start your goal with CJ affiliate program. There are so many individual companies and the different system for each affiliate program so, you need to browse and choose from there. Easy and shortcut payment method and longtime cookie count are attracted by any affiliate marketer. So you can register from here.

eBay Affiliate: World biggest marketplace with around 162 million active buyers. Just think it. Very simple and easy way to sign up and start making money with eBay.com.Great commission and huge customers help you to gain your affiliate business. Just sign up here.

Shopify.com:Shopify is a very popular website building platform and eCommerce business marketplace. You can have 200% commission each sale. the interesting matter is you don’t need any other website or marketplace for products. You get the website + products above from one platform. Sign up here.

Envato Market: This is the big and hot marketplace in the world. And you can make passive money from Envato market affiliate program. You have 30% commission per sales and every year around $3 million dollars withdrawn from Envato market affiliate program. Longtime cookie count and 30% commission you can get per sells so why you waste your time? Sign up from here and start making money with Envato affiliate program.

Interserver.net: This is a hosting server company. If you want to gain with affiliate marketing I will recommend you interserver.net.You will have $100 per new customers. They are offering a great commission for affiliates. Sign up from here and go ahead.

Host Gator: Hostgator is a worldwide domain hosting provider company. And they also offering for affiliate programs. You can get a lifetime commission for each customer minimum $50 – $125 per qualifying signup 60 days cookie count. This is a great affiliate platform for any beginners. Sign up here.  
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