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Shortcut SEO WordPress

Shortcut SEO WordPress

What Is SEO?

Simply search engine optimization. Today I would like to talk about the search engine optimization shortcut. Many time we have got about some question from people. Like some of them, what is SEO? How to do SEO? And more. Actually very easy to do SEO and you can do this yourself just followed by some step. And the definition is we have the need to optimize our website to search engine rules and people can easily find our website from search engine.

How to do Shortcut SEO WordPress?

At first research your targeted keywords. Most important is the keywords. If you don’t have any low competitor keywords you never make sense from your website. So first take keywords. And then next step is must install an SEO plugin for SEO. I suggest you for Yoast SEO plugin. And now start optimizing your website. At first, need be to optimize all pages then optimize all post. So now make your page title. Chose a keyword friendly title and should be a focus keyword. So make the title, permalink and heading of the article with focusing keywords. Then make your article about 300 words and minimum use the focusing keywords two times in this articles.

After that fix your meta tag and meta description. Meta tag should be less than 12 words must use with focus keywords its very important and meta title should be less than 60 words and definitely use minimum one time your focus keywords in the meta description. Use feather image and put Alt txt in the image. Use one multimedia with each post And one internal link. What is the internal link? The internal link is a link of your website another articles or pages link. And use an outbound link. What is an outbound link? The outbound link is a link of other website or videos link. So follow this steps and use Yoast SEO then you can see all the ref and orange light should be the green light. When you get the all green light that means now you can publish your post and articles.

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  Shortcut SEO WordPress  
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